But life won't give you wings or a rocket?

With one tap, Omega X can take you to places beyond Earth's gravity. Without worrying about little things like oxygen. Or exploding.

*Oxygen not guaranteed. 

Ever wanted to be a
space ranger,

Want to help conquer

the galaxy?

Not like a villain, but like a hero.

Maintaining these cameras isn't cheap, especially since they're all pretty far away. It's not exactly a trip across the street.

But there is something to be said about the beauty that you see out in the cosmos. Words like "Entrancing", "Magnificent", and "Donation."

Your support helps Omega X continue to show the world what lies beyond our forests and skylines. What vastness awaits out beyond the dark fields. And you would be one of these pioneers. To boldly see what no one has seen before.

So many filters, you can

call it a Keurig

But coffee isn't what we're making hot.


We've partnered with SnapChat and Facebook for a limited-time event. Fifty years ago, we sent a man to the moon. Now, we're making it look like you're on the moon. It's the next best thing.

Choose from dozens of stickers, filters, and backgrounds.

Even turn your friends into aliens.

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A (brief) history

of space

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